Amerimmune LLC Maintains Intellectual Property on the COVID-19 Related Use of Caspase Inhibitors as a Result of Histogen Inc. Led Arbitration

January 18th, 2023:

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amerimmune LLC is a translational medicine biotechnology firm focused on discovery and rapid development of novel therapies for diseases, including COVID-19.

Amerimmune LLC had a discovery early in 2020, showing elevated caspase molecules in peripheral blood immune cells of COVID19 patients. Caspase molecules help build immunity to pathogens, but can also have detrimental effects on the immune system. The scientists at Amerimmune had the idea that a stronger and prolonged caspase activity can cause the poor outcomes seen in some patients with COVID-19. A drug that blocks the caspase molecules would potentially prevent disease progression in COVID19. After evaluating a number of potential candidates, Amerimmune LLC identified Emricasan as a drug that could be used to prevent disease progression. On October 27, 2020, Amerimmune LLC entered into a development Agreement with Histogen Inc. (NASDAQ: HSTO) to jointly develop Emricasan as a potentially promising treatment for COVID-19. Histogen and Amerimmune worked jointly through a human Phase 1 study in early 2021, with very successful results of safety and promising hints of efficacy that were announced in mid 2021.

Histogen Inc. filed for arbitration to terminate the Collaborative Development and Commercialization Agreement (CDCA) between Amerimmune and Histogen Inc. The Arbitration Final Award, dated January 2, 2023, allowed for the termination of the CDCA between Amerimmune LLC and Histogen Inc. Amerimmune LLC will continue to develop the use of a caspase inhibitor to treat COVID19 as well as other post viral syndrome related illness symptoms. The findings from the Phase 1 study suggest potential use of caspase inhibitors (beyond COVID19) in a number of orphan disease indications. The termination of the agreement with Histogen Inc. is a welcome development that will provide Amerimmune LLC the focus on research and translation of findings into clinical trials, as demonstrated in the successful Phase-1 COVID-19 study. Amerimmune LLC is already in talks with organizations that have novel caspase inhibitors.

About Amerimmune LLC

Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Amerimmune LLC (Amerimmune or the “Company”) is a biotechnology firm focused on rapid development and commercialization of novel therapies and diagnostic testing for diseases and conditions affecting large patient populations as well as rare orphan disorders by identifying already existing therapies or clinical candidates that can be applied for such uses. The Company is focused on high-end understanding of scientific discoveries to advance its objectives and improve health outcomes.

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