• The CIIC is a group of highly trained physicians in immunology who have a special interest in patients with immune disorders.
  • The CIIC was founded to provide the best community access to treatments for Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases (PIDD).
  • PIDD  is an umbrella diagnosis for a whole range of conditions that are defined by low immune defenses and “too many infections”.  These are most typically the common (and not rare) bacterial infections such as ear, sinus and lung infections, and occasionally even more serious and ‘invasive’ or blood borne infections such as meningitis and septicemia.  The patients we diagnose with PIDD have often had many courses of antibiotics and occasionally multiple prior ear tube and /or sinus surgeries due to the frequency and severity of their infections.  The list of causes of PIDD is long and ever-expanding, with over 350 known genetic causes, and many more still to be elucidated.  When you’re dealing with a very complicated and inter-connected immune defense network, there are many places where genetic errors, even minor glitches, can lead to significant downstream effects and susceptibility to infections.
  • PIDD can occur or be diagnosed at any age.  If you or your child are found to have one of the PIDD conditions, antibody replacement therapy may be indicated to provide ongoing protection.
  • Diagnosis of PIDD :  our community of physicians are highly trained to evaluate the immune system to a degree that few other specialists attain.  Our physicians can explain to you if there is a definable problem and if it is treatable.  The most common diagnoses we treat are Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), and or Specific Antibody Deficiency disorder (SAD).  Many PIDD patients receive and derive great benefit from regular infusions of immune globulin (Ig), typically provided either via intravenous infusions (IVIG) or subcutaneous infusions (SCIG).  We can help you make the best choice for you and your life style.
  • We feel our physicians provide the most expert community based care for CVID and related PIDD’s.
  • CIIC physicians are clinician scientists.  We typically provide the most comprehensive and personalized care to the PIDD community.  We are a group of highly trained physicians with subspecialty expertise and Board Certification in Allergy & Immunology, and some have training in Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology, Hematology and even Rheumatology.  We are comfortable managing the full needs of patients with PIDD as well as the other conditions that often accompany immune deficiency, such as autoimmune medical disorders.  We are regional experts in the field of clinical immunology.  Many of our member physicians have exceptional levels of training and experience in the field, with academic appointments for many.  This is the leading group of clinical providers in the US.  In a disease state that is considered rare, we all manage dozens of patients with PIDD, and some sites manage hundreds of affected patients.  This allows our providers to develop a level of expertise that few other physicians can have.   Our physicians have a broad insight to the many varied manifestations associated with PIDD and potential ‘other’ issues that occur with higher frequency in this patient population.
  • We advocate actively and on multiple levels on behalf of our patients.  We are typically their interface with insurance providers, providing expert opinions and data to explain to them the need and rationale for therapy including IVIG and SCIG.
  • We align and work closely with patient centered advocacy groups such as the Jeffrey Modell Foundation – JMF and Immune Deficiency Foundation -IDF (please see below website links). Please consider joining one of these groups if you or your child has been diagnosed with PIDD.

Please see below other frequently consulted sources of information on PIDD’s.