Trio Health (Trio) and the Consortium of Independent Immunology Clinics (CIIC) announce the launch of the Trio-CIIC HAE Registry

LOUISVILLE, CO, May 12, 2022 – Enabled by the FDA guidance on the expanded use of real-world data, Trio Health has partnered with the CIIC to create the ‘first of its kind’ HAE (Hereditary Angioedema) Patient Registry. Trio Health’s real-world data platform rapidly converts structured and unstructured EMR data, in real time, including physician notes, laboratory and radiology report data. The Trio-CIIC HAE Registry offers comprehensive insights into the HAE patient journey, including patient voice. “The data allows us better visibility into this rare patient population, previously thought unanswerable, and keeps the patient at the center of this research,” said Jane M. Quigley RN BSN OCN, COO of Trio Health.

Trio delivers fit for purpose therapeutic real-world data services to support the entire product lifecycle, including real-time longitudinal data, persistency and compliance, supplemented retrospective patient data, social determinants of health and rapid identification of patients for clinical research.

The Trio-CIIC HAE Registry contains 419 physician-confirmed HAE patients with an average of 5.1 years of clinical data per patient, including 3,000 office visit notes detailing HAE attacks, therapy decisions and patient reported outcomes. “Our plan is to increase the HAE Patient Registry beyond 500 patients from 15 of our private practice CIIC sites in the coming months, collecting deep clinical insights across a geographically diverse organization,” said CIIC Vice President, Dr. Jason Raasch.

Trio’s unique business model, partnering with physicians and patients, empowers dynamic relationships with all key stakeholders. As a network, we are working to synchronize physician clinical note conduct to a common format of documenting the office visit and HAE attack notes, in highly useful detail. “This is a comprehensive, representative and inclusive patient registry, allowing us to refine ‘best practices’ and promote a harmonized standard of care for HAE patients,” said Dr. William Lumry, Medical Director of the AARA Center in Dallas and CIIC member.

The Trio-CIIC HAE Registry’s mission is to empower regulatory grade evidence and insights in support of patients, providers and biopharma.

About the Consortium of Independent Immunology Clinics The CIIC is a professional medical organization of Board-Certified Allergists and Immunologists in private practice throughout the USA providing high-quality care for patients with Primary Immune Deficiency Disorders (PIDD), allergies, asthma, and other rare diseases. We support procurement negotiations, promote access to treatment, serve as advocates for patients and physicians and participate in research that benefits patient care. Learn more:

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